158,78 km, Rmin=500 m, Smax=%o25,00 Vmax≥90 Km/h. railway between Aydın – Çine – Güllük Port. Design included Geological-geotechnical Reports, Soil/Rock Drilling in total 3.105,70 m. , Hydraulic-Hydrological Studies, 251 culverts, 98 underpasses, 17 overpass bridges, 82 bridges and viaducts total in length of 16.472 m, 72 cut-and-cover tunnels in length of 18.206 m and 45 drilling tunnel in length of 23.554m. (the longest viaduct =1.460,00 m., the longest drilling tunnel L=4.949,00 m.), Architectural, Statics, Electrical and Mechanical Plans of Çine Loading Station (885 m2), signalization and Electrification systems building (128 m2), 1 warehouse building (555 m2), 3 active personnel service house (3720 m2), platforms (6300 m2), 2nd class stations (Güllük station-Yatağan station); 2 stations (1770 m2),

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