34,4 km long 2 x 3 motorway, 6,1 km 2 x 2 Connection Roads, 2,6 km 2 x 1 Side Road between Gaziantep – Şanlıurfa with design speed of 100 km/hr. Supervision includes 1 viaduct in 360 m, 7 bridge junctions in 303m length, 19 underpass bridges in 426 m length, 6 overpass bridges in 312 m length, 103 various size box culverts in 5.858m length. Soil Works, Engineering Structures, Sea and Creek Fortifications, Bored Piles, Bridges, Tunnels, Sub-foundations, Plant-Mix Foundation and Bituminous Hot Mix. Project Management, Construction Supervision, Material Approvals and Progress Payment Control, Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Provisional and Final Acceptance Services

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