654,7 km double line 250 km/hr high speed railway between Eskişehir – Antalya. Rmin= 3.500 m, Smax= 16.00 %0. Design Services includes Feasibility Studies, EIA Report, digital mapping, expropriation plans, Geological-Geotechnical Studies, Soil/Rock drilling and in-situ land tests of 16.053,94 m in total. Electricity Resistivity Studies (at 4059 points). Seismic Refraction Studies (at 4303 points) Digging of Test Pits. Preparation of Soil and Rock Mechanics Laboratory Tests, hydraulic – hydrological studies. 840 box culverts, 368 underpasses, 73 overpass bridges, 188 bridges and viaducts 26.702 meters in total, 215 cut & cover tunnels 47.394 meters in total and 101 tunnels 83.356 meters in total (Longest viaduct’s ΣL=1.232,50 m, Longest Tunnel’s L=5.850,00 m – NATM Method). Architectural, structural, electrical and mechanicals studies. Bruckner, cost estimate – quantity studies, electrification, signalisation and telecommunication.

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